Nov 30 2021

Girl: “imagine if 1 day you see some body a lot better than me?”

Girl: “imagine if 1 day you see some body a lot better than me?”

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This never happened certainly to me, but what if an individual time my personal gf asks a question that way? Frankly, Needs the greatest people I am able to possibly bring, in case I address truly, I don’t think it’s wise. Thank You.


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The question inside’s premise isn’t reasonable.

you will be assuming that she would maybe not perform the same task, like by the lady inquiring issue, she is for some reason maybe not permitted keep if she receive people much better.

Determine their honestly, I would probably leave, exactly like you would leave in the event that you discover some one superior to myself. But if you hold starting everything you performed to help make me want to day your, there will not be any person best

like that you get 1. the truth out and 2. you receive an “awww you may be thus nice” moment/kiss/nookie.


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Issue inside’s assumption just isn’t fair.

you will be making the assumption that she’d not do the same thing, like by the lady asking practical question, she actually is somehow perhaps not permitted allow if she discovered people best.

Inform the woman seriously, I would probably create, exactly like you would keep in the event that you found people superior to me. But so long as you hold performing that which you did to make me personally should day you, there will not be anybody best

that way you get 1. the facts out and 2. obtain an “awww you might be very sweet” moment/kiss/nookie.

Agreed. Be truthful together, but also determine the woman what she desires hear. That you do not also have to tell your own girl the facts. You might like to make method of simply claiming “that wont actually ever result, you’re really the only girl i would like” blah-blah.. but one vital session I learned is it generally does not matter exactly what your phrase state, it is everything you say with your activities. You can tell a female you love this lady, and want to getting together permanently, and everything an AFC would state, but if your steps aren’t in keeping with they (you dismiss her some times, are hard for a hold of, indifferent etcetera. ) then it does not matter, (nonetheless they think it’s great and it also confuses the fvck out-of all of them). And in all sincerity, this is just what women need. Inform them what they want to learn at that moment, so they really EXPERIENCE good/special, then continue doing that which you carry out (occasional distance/indifference), and she’s going to like you forever (perhaps).

You should always hold a lady on the toes, but recall you may have more equipment inside toolbox apart from keywords.

So you don’t need to cheat/pay head with other people to remind the woman which you have additional options. Knowing what I mean.

Their gf is in fact finding reassurance now. Tell the truth, but soften it and determine the girl what she really wants to listen at the end of they. In backbreaker’s example, the sole component your gf will probably listen to is quite “But if you keep undertaking that which you performed which will make me need date you, there won’t be any person much better”, females bring selective hearing like this.

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